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Finding good karaoke bars near you or even in the same state is not as easy as one might think. Singing karaoke isn’t always performed in dedicated venues. Some bars add a karaoke night on a quiet evening each week or two to drum up business.

Drinking venues that don’t get enough ladies in through the door often see success in that area by including karaoke for a “girl’s night out” even if the regulars disapprove. It’s good for drink sales and even a cover charge at the door at times.

“Karaoke is the best place to celebrate.”

Many venues have occasional karaoke evenings and then shut it down if the people don’t flood through the door. It takes the time to build up a following, and if the bar’s acoustics aren’t right, then semi-professional karaoke singers won’t grace the venue with their presence. Anyone even half serious about it will find underperforming venues unappealing and stay away. As a result, the number of karaoke nights in a given city or town changes almost weekly. This makes it tough for people interested in trying out their singing voice to find reliable sources of information other than pounding the sidewalk to check bars one by one.

With dedicated karaoke bars, these aren’t as plentiful and don’t always last. As such, the pickings are sometimes slimmer than desirable depending on the city and state concerned, and the general popularity of karaoke in the area.

Top 100 Karaoke

There is a search facility that allows interested parties to search for a local neighborhood or a specific address, and the day they’re interested in “painting the town red.” The most recent listings are shown on the homepage. Listings include the venue name, contact number, address, and a link to a Google map for the location. Bars are also able to submit a listing for their events.karaoke bar near me

Official Travel Guides

Major cities and many towns that receive a fair amount of revenue from tourism have a dedicated website for this. New events are a popular section on these sites and in the case of the official site for Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, there’s is no exception.

Bars and nightlife are searchable by name. Karaoke events, plus live music and other categories may be used to narrow down the search results. The region, including Uptown, downtown, and elsewhere can be searched. There is no way presently to use locality like a GPS or an IP address to find local venues. Everyplace added has a listing with their name, address, a Google map link, opening hours, and the types of entertainment available (karaoke one night, live music another night).

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