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Find Karaoke Tonight is an independent karaoke listings site where venues pay to list their events. Venue information displays the venue name, address, contact number, rating, suggested showtimes, and a wide-angle Google map (not just a link out to one).

A yelp is an excellent option for finding a local karaoke in your area. It is possible to search for karaoke bars as a category, and the city and state, to narrow down the criteria. Listings are linked here for Joliet IL and Atlanta GA.

Individual listings, like the one for Moon Dogs in Atlanta, provides venue information, a map, accurate opening and closing times, the days when open or closed, a suggested price range, and plenty of reviews. Listings can be sent to your phone with the click of a button. There is also a plethora of standard venue questions answered, like the availability of parking, whether alcohol is served, if the venue has their own Wi-Fi, TV, or pool tables, etc.

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Which is the Best Way to Find Karaoke Bars Near Me?

With local travel guides, the ones that are regularly updated by staff employed by the city tend to be good about staying current with events. They’re of topical interest and provide a good way to update their site with new local information.

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