Limp Bizkit – Faith

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The word karaoke comes from the Japanese words ‘kara’ meaning ’empty’ and ‘oke’ meaning ‘orchestra’. It first became popular in English in 1979



Karaoke is a Japanese word that refers to a performance in which a person sings along with recorded music. It’s a popular form of entertainment at restaurants and clubs: amateur singers choose their favourite well-known song to sing and then perform it for the crowd.


Limp Bizkit – Faith


I guess it would be nice
if I could touch your body
I know not everybody
has got a body like me
but I gotta think twice
before I give my heart away
and I know all the games you play
cause I play them too
oh but I need some time off
from that emotion
time to pick my heart up off the floor
when that love comes down
without devotion
well it takes a strong man baby but I’m
I’m showin’ you that door

‘Cuz I gotta have faith
Gotta have faith (3x)

I know you’re asking me to stay
say please please please don’t go away
cause your giving me the blues
you might mean all them words you say
can’t help but think of yesterday
and another who tied me down to the loverboy blues
before this river becomes an ocean
before you pick my heart up off the floor
when that love comes down
without devotion
well it takes a strong man baby but I’m
I’m showin you that door


Gotta have faith (4x)
Faith (3x)

Get the fuck up!!

Am I freak in the darkness, or am I misfit
You speak of opinions
Do sink in so deep
But it’s alright
You’re just an illusion, confused by your narrow mind
Reality is up ahead in the distance
But that lack of persistence has left you behind
Now you’re reaching for your sanity
Cuz you afraid of me
So don’t fuck with me
You wanna ask me a question
Well, I gotta question
How much longer can I tolerate this shit
Egos trip when you’re livin’ on the flip side
Drop out of a uterous and god damn
I see you pointin’ your finger
You stereotype me cuz you don’t like me
Well you don’t even know me
Punk you don’t know me
Stereotype me cuz you don’t like me

5 Tips for Singing Karaoke

Here are some other things to keep in mind about how to have a successful karaoke night:

Warm up your voice before singing so you can really hit those high notes! Follow along with this quick video on vocal warm ups for singers.
Look confident. Start with a smile and with your feet planted shoulder width apart. Make no apologies for being on that stage!
Pick a song you really know so you’re not always having to look at the lyrics on the screen. Don’t forget you have an audience that wants you to sing to them!
Use good vocal technique. Breathe low, and keep your sound placed in your mask rather than shouting into the microphone.
Practice at home! YouTube has many excellent channels, such as KaraFun, that can help you practice.

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